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8000BTU Marine Air Conditioner

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DORMAIRE 8000BTU Self Contained Marine Air Conditioner. 30% Cheaper than usually in the market.




This unit delivers 8000BTU with heat pump function. Has a high speed blower and is perfect for cooling saloons and cabins in both sailing or powerboats. Its high quality rotary refrigeration compressor, makes it very quiet and reliable. Uses R410a refrigerant gas, which is considered as environmentally friendly.

It has a variable speed blower with automatic mode and internal motor for a compact installation footprint. The blower can be rotated for installation convenience. Is built on an easy to plumb stainless steel pan and its air filter can be removed for easy cleaning. The unit is operated with the included LED digital control. For added installation convenience, the electric panel is mounted separately. 


Every air conditioning unit is provided with its digital control panel. It can be used to turn on and off the unit, adjust temperature, select mode, set fan speed and choose ºC or Fahrenheit. Display shows blue for cooling, yellow for heating and white for ventilation. 

control panel mode

IDEAL for sailboats up to 32': 

This model is extremely compact and developed specifically for sailboats up to 32' where a high power is necessary but the space is very limited
Ideal also for power boats up to 26' with big windows


- Power boats up to 26'
- Sail boats up to 32'
- 2 cabins without en suit bathrooms
- Saloons in sailboats up to 38' (saloon only)


machine specifications 8000BTU 230V


Other producers make their systems to be used in United States (which is their main market) with 60Hz power supply, our air conditioners are made to have optimum performance working in Europe with 50Hz power supply. Don't be fooled and get the power you are paying for

Working comparison for Europe 230V 50Hz
Real Power others
230V 50/60Hz
Real Power Dormaire
230V 50Hz
6000BTU 4800BTU 6000BTU
8000BTU 6400BTU 8000BTU
12000BTU 9600BTU 12000BTU
16000BTU 12800BTU 16000BTU


cupronikel marine condenser

Marine grade corrosion resistant CuproNickel heat exchanger

quiet rotary compressor

Quiet rotary compressor

strong packging for boat air conditioner

Strong packaging

¿Do you want to become a marine air conditioner quality expert? We tell you everything


installation accessories


  • Self contained air conditioner
  • Electric box
  • Electronic control panel
  • Display link cable
  • Ambient temperature probe and cable
  • 4 fixing brackets
  • Instruction manual
  • Anti-vibration foam to put under drain pan

NOT INCLUDED other installation accessories like water pump, water hoses, air ducts or vents. But we can provide a list of all the necessary accessories with their description and suggested suppliers.


manual de instalaciónEach Dormaire marine air conditioner is supplied with its installation manual. Is a complete book written in English and Spanish, where you can find all the details that you will need to know for installing it as an specialist would do. Sections covered by the manual are: Size selection; Location; Air ducts; Seawater supply; Drain; Control panel; Electric wiring.

And if after reading the manual you still have doubts, ask us anything you need, we will be happy to answer immediately your WhatsApp messages as you meet doubts while doing the installation. Also contact us before purchase. We will provide you the best advice by an engineer specialized in marine air conditioning and is COMPLETELY FREE, so that you will not waste your money buying a machine that could be either too big or too small for your boat needs.

¿DO YOU PREFER A TURNKEY INSTALLATION? We are in touch with distributors and installers in Spain and other countries. We can introduce you a nearby technician to quote your installation.


In some destinations we can offer free onboard assistance for the installation. You install it by yourself, but with our free customized mentoring. We don't push to sell installation services. We will just tell you all the secrets so that you will do the installation of your marine air conditioner as a genuine professional.

1- In a first onboard visit will tell you which air conditioner you need and how to install it.
2- You choose if you prefer to buy directly from the specialist who will give it to you in hand once it is available, or buy online and we will deliver it directly to your home.
3- We will assist remotely by WhatsApp while you install it.
4- In the second onboard visit we will supervise the first startup of the system, and you will be certain about the installation. You will enjoy a trouble free air conditioner for many years.


warranty and spares for marine air conditionerAll systems sold by Dormaire, enjoy 2 years warranty. Buying in this online store, if during that period the machine meets any problem covered by its warranty, you send us the damaged machine and we will return you a brand new unit. Simple like that.
For repairs after warranty period is expired, you will have 2 options: Send it to us for being repaired by our technical service, or it can be repaired by a refrigeration technician of your choice, with the spare parts that we can supply at reasonable prices. 

We know that a marine air conditioner is an important expense, and assume that you will not want to spend such amount of money in a machine unless it has a reliable after sales service. First of all, we create first quality products to prevent the necessity of spare parts. Nevertheless during their long service life our machines can face unforeseen situations, like for instance damage caused by external reasons like water splash or accidental hits. In the rear pages of the installation manual you will find a detailed machine breakdown that you can use to communicate with us and source any spares that you might need.


  • 2 years warranty
  • Reduced purchase and maintenance cost
  • High efficiency by design
  • Quiet. Will not affect your sleep
  • Anodized evaporator
  • Stainless steel drain pan
  • High static pressure blower with automatic speed adjustment
  • Heat pump function
  • Easy installation

Add to shopping cart, but DON'T BUY YET!!!

Before purchasing, you can contact us by email on dormaire@dormaire.com 
You will get in touch with an engineer specialized in marine air conditioner for yachts, who will be happy to learn about your boat and check that the air conditioner fits your boat needs.

free shipping boat air conditioning


We are pleased to offer you WORLDWIDE FREE DELIVERY!


Spain and Portugal - Express Courier takes 1-2 days

Europe - Express courier takes 4-7 days

Rest of the world - Traditional postal service and takes: USA&Canada 14-30 days; MENA 15-30 days; Latin America 21-60 days; Rest of the world 30-60 days

¿Do you need it faster?

Send us a message to dormaire@dormaire.com and we will do our best to arrange fastest delivery option for you! UPS, DHL, Fedex on your choice.


CLICK on the image to view the corresponding guide

quality guide for marine air conditioners
marine air conditioning pre-installation guide
water pumps for marine air conditioning
marine air conditioning selection guide


In addition to private customers, we also attend inquiries from professionals.

discount for professionals

SC08 230/50/1

Data sheet

230V 50Hz

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