All of us are aware that a marine air conditioner is becoming one of the most important pieces of equipment for all sorts of boats. Is an expensive accessory, and before purchasing is important getting proper advice to know about those details that will turn an air conditioner into a long lasting equipment, without faults and providing the most comfortable environment without noise.

By reading this guide, you will be able to differentiate like an expert, all the details that make our air conditioners some of the best in the market.


cupronickel marien heat exchanger

CuproNickel 90/10 heat exchanger

corrugated inner tube

Corrugated inner tube

painted coaxial heat exchanger

Painted coaxial heat exchanger

- CuproNickel condenser is the most distinctive component of a marine air conditioner. All the seawater used to remove the heat from inside the boat cabin will run trough the condenser. Must resist corrosive seawater, and needs to be built with an special CuproNicker 90/10 alloy.
- We use coaxial tube condensers, that are the best type for this purpose. One of the key aspects of this type of heat exchanger is that are built without weldings in the inner tube. Weldings are weak points against corossion, and by removing them will increase its durability.
- Besides our condensers are made with internal corrugated tube that improves system efficiency by an optimum heat transfer ratio and the smallest size. To maintain the best appearance, we coat its outer tube with paint.


quiet rotary compressor

High quality rotary compressor

quiet running

Will not affect your sleep

- Refrigerant compressor is also one of the key elements of a good air conditioner. Has big influence in high efficiency, durability and LOW NOISE NEVEL. For many years the unbearable amount of noise produced by marine air conditioners was their worst handicap. Concerned about its importance, we only use a selection of the best compressors in the market. They are so quiet that can even be installed under a bed without affecting your sleep.  
- Being rotary type, their inrush current isn't so high as in alternative compressors. This is particularly useful when the air conditioner is to be used with a genset or if its to be used in marinas with scarce power supply.


hydrophilic evaporator without repaint

Hydrophilic evaporator without paint

air filter detail

Air filter detail

While producing our air conditioners, we pay special attention to use the best evaporators. Built in copper and high quality anodized aluminium, to benefit from maximum durability and excellent heat transfer. We also pay careful attention to their aspect, avoiding deformations and scratches.
We never apply paint to the evaporators, because that would affect negatively to their heat transfer efficiency. Suspect from those air conditioners with painted evaporator, as normally that paint has been applied by the producer for hiding its bad quality.

Another difference of our evaporators is that we weld by numeric control CNC, to improve quality and reduce the possibility of meeting refrigerant gas leaks. 

All our systems have built in washable air filter, that is also an additional advantage. Other producers don't use these filters, and as time goes by, will cause dirt accumulation on the evaporator surface and consequently reduced cooling power. A clogged evaporator can also cause low pressure problems working as air conditioner or high pressure when working as heat pump.


balanced blower with internal motor

Balanced turbine with internal motor

adjustable blower direction

Adjustable blower direction

blower direction adjust

Adjustable blower direction

- All our climate systems use blowers with the newest technology. Are fitted with programmable speed control according to the specific requirements of each installation. Internal motor to achieve the most compact size. We use balanced turbines for a minimal amount of noise and low vibration. High static pressure to be used on those cases when the air duct is long and complicated. 
- For installation easiness, the blower can be rotated, matching the requirements of any boat.


high quality display

High quaity control display

reliable electronics

Reliable electronics

For a marine air conditioner to achieve optimal functionality, needs to be controlled by an electronic circuit specifically developed for marine use. Our electronic control has been specifically designed for marine use, incorporates all the necessary functions, and also all sorts of electric safety features.


4 way valve

4 way valve

heat pump function

Heat pump function

All our machines have 4 way valve to allow usage in winter as heat pump. Once you invest in purchasing and installing an air conditioner in a boat, is always recommended having the possibility to use it in winter as heater.


compact size

Smallest marine aircon in the world

slim design

Slim design for installation easiness

One of the most difficult parts of the installation in a boat can be finding the necessary space for holding the machine. Aware of this important restriction, we have incorporated an optimized design, to achieve the most compact footprint in the market. Its slim design makes much easier its installation under seats and other reduced spaces.


high pressure sensor

High pressure sensor

evaporator temperature sensor

Evaporator temperature sensor

Its VERY IMPORTANT constantly monitoring all equipment working parameters, so in case anything goes wrong the system will be disconnected immediately, preventing expensive repairs.
All our machines have several safety devices to perform this task:
- High pressure sensor- Several external situations can cause high pressure inside the refrigerant circuit, like for instance a fault or a blockage in the pump.
- Evaporator temperature sensor- In case of reduced air flow, ice could build up in the evaporator surface, damaging it.
- Over and Under voltage- In very touristic areas that attract an unusual amount of visitors in summer, voltage is typically very unstable. Our systems are well protected against this problem that could cause severe damage to its electrical components.
- Compressor start delay- It could happen that the compressor might be required to start and stop too frequently. The compressor would suffer enormously because of the high inrush current, and is necessary to protect it.
- Compressor overload- In case everything else may fail, our compressors always have a redundant protection against overloads


high quality weldingsWelding's quality is one of the best indications of the level of quality that a refrigeration machine has. One of the most common faults in bad quality air conditioners are refrigerant leaks. To prevent this type of problem, we apply very precise weldings performed with high quality materials. The appearance of the machine is very neat and clean. Other producers who can't achieve the proper level of quality, will paint the pipes after welding, trying to hide their poor fabrication procedure.


vacuum test and refrigerant loadOur air conditioners meet all the requirements from current European norm and hold CE mark.
In our production we use environmentally friendly refrigerants type R134a or R410a.
Once finished all pipe weldings, and to detect possible leaks, we undertake a vacuum test for at least 24 hours. Once the test is completed, the circuit will be loaded exactly with the right amount of refrigerant that it needs and the circuit will be sealed. This way you will receive your new machine already filled and ready to use, so that its installation will be very easy because will not require assistance from any refrigeration technician.

According to the protocol stated in the norm, avery single machine undertakes a rigorous safety test, that will ensure proper functionment and electrical safety of the machine.


stainless steel drain panAll our self contained units are built on AISI316 stainless steel drain pan. We do not skimp on sheet thickness or material quality, which gives the whole set a very robust and durable construction against the corrosive marine environment.

Other manufacturers try to cut costs, using plastic drain pans that are more fragile or conventional painted steel that will soon suffer the corrosive effects of the marine environment.


power supply frecuency depending countryOur air conditioners really do deliver the power they are designed to provide. Most marine air conditioner manufacturers use versatile compressors that can operate on both 50 and 60Hz frequencies. In this way they avoid the need to stock 2 different types of compressors and use the same products that they sell in the USA, for sale in Europe. The problem is that the power supply frequency in the USA is 60Hz, but in Europe the power supply is 50Hz. Avoid the deception of buying a machine that says 230V 50/60Hz because these are machines that lose 20% of their power when used in Europe with a 50Hz power supply.

Comparison working in Europe 230V 50Hz
Real Power others
230V 50/60Hz
Real Power Dormaire
230V 50Hz
6000BTU 4800BTU 6000BTU
8000BTU 6400BTU 8000BTU
12000BTU 9600BTU 12000BTU
16000BTU 12800BTU 16000BTU

This is what you will really get buying an american machine


packaging content

Packaging content

ready for shipping

Ready for shipping

An element that is of great importance for the quality of the equipment, and which is often underestimated, is its packaging. It will play a decisive role in ensuring that you receive your machine in optimal condition. We use packaging designed specifically for our systems, with heavy-duty cardboard, reinforcements, an inner wooden platform, air-filled padding and heavy-duty strapping..


installation manualA good installation is just as important as the quality of the construction of the device. Aware of this, we have made every effort to develop the most complete installation guide on the market. A real compendium of good practices, written in English and Spanish in a concise way and complemented with illustrations, which will be your best reference to achieve a perfect installation..

As each boat is a world of its own, and each installation will have its own particularities, it would be impossible to get an installation guide that includes all possible particularities. For these situations you will have the best free online support by email and WhatsApp, so that you can do the installation guided by an engineer specialized in marine air conditioning


  • CuproNickel condenser for seawater
  • Quiet rotary compressor
  • Anodized evaporator
  • High static pressure blower with automatic speed
  • Reliable electronic
  • Heat pump function
  • Compact design
  • Safety devices
  • High quality weldings
  • Factory preloaded with refrigerant
  • AISI316 stailess steel construction
  • Real power according to specs
  • Safe packaging
  • Easy installation


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