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Dormaire is a business division from Innobazaar, S.L. specialized in design, marketing and distribution of innovation in climate control systems.

Decades of passion for yachting, as well as our deep knowledge of state of the art technologies, has allowed us developing a one of a kind air conditioning system. After many years of development, design and prototype test, we have eventually achieved an optimal product, which comes to solve for good the problem of comfort onboard during summer season.

Our main motivation is to help improve your experience onboard, similar to how other innovative products did in the past, as they were autopilots, 12v battery powered fridges, or most recently bimini awnings.

Dormaire made its debut in 2019 by the unveiling of the 1st generation marine portable air conditioner, which is capable of cooling down a 50Sq.ft.( 4.65sq.m ) cabin to 72°F(22°C), without installation and with lightweight 26.5 lb (12Kg). Besides its marine application, Dormaire will also work as the ultimate air cooler that is applicable to camping tent, RV/campervan, pet kennels, elevators, computer rooms, refrigeration of electric panels, confined work areas, dehumidifier and many more...

In order to keep up with the service demand, supply customers worldwide and keep reasonable prices, Dormaire set up its manufacturing plant in China. We also have a warehouse in Spain, from where we deliver to customers in Europe.

Our service attitude makes us put customer interests always first, and they don´t take long to become friends. We look forward welcoming you to this comunity very soon.

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