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Lithium batteries have significant advantages over lead-acid batteries, over AGM batteries and also over GEL batteries. The main advantage is that they provide greater autonomy. Conventional batteries lose voltage as they discharge, which causes, for example, an electric motor to lose power. Once a conventional battery is 50% discharged, it will no longer have sufficient voltage to continue to be used. The battery will still be at 50% of its capacity, but in practice the remaining capacity is not usable. Furthermore, when a conventional battery is discharged below 50% it is permanently damaged and will no longer be able to be charged to its full capacity, regardless of whether it is charged multiple times or how many hours it is kept on charge. Lithium batteries, by contrast, do not lose voltage as they discharge, and can be discharged almost to their full capacity before their voltage is reduced. Consequently, although they theoretically show the same capacity, the reality is that lithium batteries will deliver twice as much energy as a normal battery, and the motors powered by them will deliver constant power. Furthermore, lithium batteries are not damaged even when fully discharged and can be recharged to 100% capacity. Even when using special AGM deep discharge batteries, lithium batteries will have a much longer life span, as their life span will withstand 5 times more deep discharge and charge cycles. In addition, the weight of lithium batteries will be around half, or one third of the weight of conventional batteries and their charging time is also much shorter. Our lithium batteries are built to last and designed for optimum performance. Lightweight, durable and maintenance-free, our batteries charge quickly, are safe and withstand the harshest of temperatures and working conditions.


The dimensions of our batteries are compatible with the dimensions of conventional batteries, making replacement very easy.


LiFePO4 batteries deliver more power than traditional lead acid batteries and weigh 2 to 3 times less. In the case of use with electric marine engines, this improves acceleration and speed. As the lithium used in our batteries also produces more energy per kilogram of weight than a conventional lead acid battery, the result is a much better power to weight ratio.


Our lithium batteries produce longer-lasting power for all your needs, so refrigerators, electric marine propulsion, air conditioning, fishing reels, lights, household appliances and electronics will enjoy longer runtimes. Our batteries deliver higher power on start-up and maintain a higher voltage during discharge than any lead-acid battery of a similar size. This translates into more powerful, faster starting and more watts for all electrical accessories. Because they are so robustly built and efficiently designed, our lithium batteries have unbeatable performance. LiFePO4 batteries convert 96% of the supplied charge energy into actual stored energy, compared to only 75% for lead-acid batteries.


LiFePO4 batteries are composed of 3.2 volt cell blocks linked together. This type of battery requires a BMS (battery management system). Unlike conventional batteries, LiFePO4 batteries need to have all their 3.2 volt cells at the same charge level at all times, and it is very important that the charge and discharge are kept within the appropriate levels. Sometimes these BMS are digital and integrated within the battery itself, sometimes they are external and often suppliers do not even provide them, although they are essential for proper operation. Our batteries use the most reliable system, the digital type integrated into the battery itself. This type of BMS ensures a long, trouble-free, maintenance-free battery life with all components protected in a hermetically sealed enclosure. Without a proper BMS system, any lithium battery will quickly become damaged. Our standard integrated BMS ensures the durability of the battery under normal operating conditions. Our LiFePO4 lithium batteries are maintenance free. There is no need to add water, no sulphation, no harmful vapours and none of the explosion risk of acid batteries. The charging time of LiFePO4 batteries is much shorter because they accept charging currents 5 times higher than acid batteries. Even in many cases lithium batteries can be charged in less than 1 hour. They can be charged quickly using chargers, alternators, generators or solar panels. They can be used with partial states of charge without impairing their performance, and their self-discharge coefficient is very low, so they can be stored for long periods of time without losing charge levels.


Lithium batteries do not contain polluting elements like lead and acid, nor do they give off dangerous gases like conventional batteries. Our batteries are Lithium Ferrophosphate, which is the safest type of lithium. Lithium batteries supplied by Dormaire are the most innovative clean energy. No gases, no fumes, no pollution at all. Enjoy reliable energy, while protecting the environment, thanks to the safety of these batteries.


We supply batteries designed to perform in the harshest conditions - freezing temperatures, extreme heat, bumps in the road, or pounding seas. When routinely discharged to 50%, lead-acid and deep-discharge AGM batteries will have a life of 500 to 600 cycles. Dormaire supplies batteries used with discharge cycles of around 80% will withstand 5 times the number of charge and discharge cycles of lead acid batteries, and will easily reach a lifetime of 2000 cycles. This longer battery life will largely compensate for the higher purchase cost.


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