Our self contained marine air conditioners are very easy to install, as they are factory precharged with refrigerant, isn't necessary any previous knowledge about refrigeration. However, if you need it, we have several ways to assist you with the installation.



1- Before purchase we will be happy to give you advice via email or WhatsApp- You send us your boat characteristics and we will give you advice about the best type and machine size for your boat

2- During installation and Start Up you can rely on us to answer on WhatsApp as many doubts as you may encounter- You send us your doubts and pictures to get our assistance


we will provide you a list of technical services in your province, and they can do the installation for you.

If you may preffer the job done by a technician trusted by you, even if he doesn't hold previous experience about manire air conditioning systems, will be our pleasure assisting him with manuals and online training.

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¿Are you a professional or company with experience installing or repairing marine air conditioning systems? ¿Do you want to offer you services in your province? Contact us at dormaire@dormaire.com

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