dc dc battery charger 12V 30A MPPT NEMO DDX1230
  • dc dc battery charger 12V 30A MPPT NEMO DDX1230
  • dc-dc battery booster 12V 30A MPPT NEMO DDX1230
  • dcdc battery charger 12V 30A MPPT NEMO DDX1230
  • battery to battery charger 12V 30A MPPT NEMO DDX1230
  • lifepo4 battery charger 12v 30A MPPT NEMO DDX1230

Booster MPPT Nemo DDX1230

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BATTERY TO BATTERY CHARGER with inbuilt solar panel controller 12V - 12V 30Amp. Inbuilt SOLAR controller Fully supports SMART Euro 5 & Euro 6 engine technology. Lithium battery compatible

Charge a 12v battery from a 12v supply at up to 30Amp

Features Dual input from alternator and solar panel Compatible with smart alternator – Euro 6 TBB premium II multiple stages charging algorithm for lead acid battery Built in automatic temperature and voltage compensated battery charging Multiple battery chemicals including AGM, GEL, LFP(LiFePO4) etc Max Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology Compact and Water Proof, IP65

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The NEMO DX/DDX is a 12V battery to battery charger (also known as DC-DC charger) with dual input technology enabling simultaneous charging of a Auxiliary battery from a vehicle’s alternator and a suitable solar panel.
NEMO is compatible with standard and smart variable voltage ECU controlled alternators (Euro 6). For use in dual battery systems it can be used in 12V  and is suitable for both lead acid and lithium batteries. Models are available up to 30A/12V and 15A/24V. Multiple units can be connected in parallel to increase output current.
The Nemo is designed to maintain and fully recharge most battery types using a multi-stage charging profile which provides optimal charging of your battery ensuring maximum lifespan and performance. Nemo is suitable for supporting loads up to the maximum rating while on the move.  

Dual inputs from alternator and solar panel enabling simultaneous charging (DDX and IDDX models) . Compatible with standard and smart alternators -Euro 6. TBB premium multi-stage charging algorithm. Built in automatic temperature and voltage compensated battery charging. Suitable for most battery types including AGM, GEL and Lithium – user selectable. Models with built-in Max Power point Tracking (MPPT) solar controller which generates up to 30% more energy available. Compact and Waterproof, IP63 rated. Simple LED indicator. Easy to install saving on installation time. Wide operating temperature -20℃~+60℃. Acts as battery isolator between starter and auxiliary battery. Multiple units can be connected in parallel to increase output current. Provides maintenance solar charge to starter battery when auxiliary battery is full. E-mark approval. 2-year warranty. 


Lithium battery compatible The Nemo battery to battery charger is suitable for use with lithium batteries that require a different charging profile to lead acid. Built in temperature compensated charging ensures lithium batteries are charged with an optimum charging algorithm which is important when for lithium batteries in a cold environment.


186.3 x 102.3 x 60mm


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Nemo DDX1230

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