Portable Marine Air Conditioner 2000BTU
  • Portable Marine Air Conditioner 2000BTU

2000BTU Portable Marine Air Conditioner

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2000BTU Portable Marine Air Conditioner for Boat Cabin

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Dormaire presents an innovative air conditioning system for boats, exclusive in marine market.

Made to climate cabins in any kind of boat from 20 to 50 feet.

A normal use will need one unit for each cabin.

It has innovative and specific design for recreational marine sector. Its weight is only 12Kg, which makes it very easy to transport. Its low power usage. Its compact dimensions contrast with its high efficiency. Stop sweating while sleeping on board.


The dimensions and design of its vent diffuser plate, have been carefully studied to be compatible with most hatches and portlights

Alongside with the products you will also receive a set of extension boards to use it with bigger size hatches.

real ac

It is a real air conditioner, which works with an HVAC compressor and gas R134a

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The unit is fitted outside the boat, and as a result inside the boat its usage is very quiet and comfortable. Is an air-air type air conditioned, so that it doesn’t need sea water pump, avoiding breakdowns and maintenance costs originated by pump failures and repairs.

Stop wasting your time with fans, wind funnels or windtrap 4D. 12V fans have a low purchasing cost, but produce a high amount of noise, and can’t reduce temperature to achieve comfort inside the boat cabin. Wind funnels can reach comfortable temperatures either, and becomes useless while in mooring because of other boats and buildings interfering with the wind flow. Don’t waste time and money with homely made gadgets.

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Inside the cabin, its rotational diffuser allows adjusting the direction of the cool air for additional comfort.

The unit can be controlled from inside with its remote commander.E

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It is supplied in a complete kit including:

1x Portable Air Conditioning Unit

1x Remote commander

1x Vent difusser with connecting tubes

2x Extension boards

2x Elastic fastening bands

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In addition to private customers, we also attend inquiries from professionals.

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